Terms and Conditions

This page elaborates about the constituted terms and conditions proposing the full agreement between the Client (You) and the Service Provider (Perfect Bond Cleaning Service). The interested customers are advised to read the document carefully before proceeding, as after the collaboration, he/she will be bound to our norms and conditions. In case of any queries, please contact us via phone or email.

Access to the Property

  • Leave the keys on the site for the cleaners to work without interruption.
  • One resident must be present on the site to direct around the premises and lock back again.
  • The property’s real estate agent can also be given the keys for safety concerns.

Cleaning Provisions

Additional costs will be incurred while moving the items and furniture and cleaning up the property. For carpet cleaning services, there are additional eco-friendly chemicals and tools used to derive proper results. As a point, extra charges will be applied as they are not a part of our strategy. The removal process depends on the complexity of stains and how much efforts go into removing it, which offers no such guarantee from our side.


Our 100% Satisfaction guarantee is applicable only for a stipulated time slot as mentioned by the professionals during the interactions. In any case you are concerned with the services so rendered; you are bound to lodge the issue as soon as possible without any hassle. Representatives at Perfect Bond Cleaning Service will take care of everything in an organized manner. The customer is required to provide the experts with a descriptive list of things to be done.


The “quote” is only an estimated amount being told to the client based on available information. The quote adjusts to the statement as “an average room size in any property being left in a rational state of hygiene”. The quote is subject to change as per the property dimensions and services rendered or altered.

Variation Rates

In case of any surplus variation, there would be extra charges implied. Following causes are taken into consideration:

  • Uncleaned property or neglected in a way that extends the stipulated time frame being advised
  • Property with small children or pets
  • Estates with extreme wear and tear
  • Massive property with big and extra bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Extra will be charged for travelling in case of returning of keys
  • Time spent on property assessment
  • Need for moving any heavy furniture to higher floors

Parking Costs

Any parking cost incurred will be covered by the client itself. Team’s cleaning van or any vehicle will be carrying the equipment and tools.

Equipment and Chemicals

Perfect Bond Cleaning Service has a sense of responsibility and professionally use their own tools, equipment and chemicals as a safety measure. In case there is a need to use the client’s assets, we have full rights to inspect and then move forward.

Carpet Cleaning – Bond Cleaning

We ensure a full cleaning recovery of your carpets while looking out for a suggestive method to remove the stains. We do not adhere to any kind of promises related to full stain exclusion.


As we are fully honest with our work, we expect you a timely payment without any concerns arising. In case of any loophole, we will try to fix it as soon as possible. The modes of payment can be via cash, bank deposits or invoice mail.
Cancellation & Delaying

In any case, the client is responsible of informing the experts about any criteria for cancellation or postponing the arrival. We will provide you with a standard scheduling in any case you want your slot to be adjusted.