Perfect Bond Cleaning Service is reputed as a top-notch bond cleaning service provider striving for utmost client satisfaction. We abide by the eco-friendly policies, and maintain a reliable budget for our clients without any hassles. Apart from that, there are certain elements we would like to highlight before commencing the work:

  • For an effective result, vacate the estate before our arrival
  • In case of a fully-equipped estate, additional charges will be incorporated
  • There would be no service offered in case of broken or damaged items, like cracked windows, floors or walls etc.
  • Proper removal of carpet stains may vary, and thus, no such guarantee is provided from our side.
  • Timely payment must be made in regard with the services rendered
  • Third-party intrusion must not take place while cleaning
  • Additional charges will be incurred in case of waiting
  • Our quote can be adjusted accordingly based on the services and circumstances
  • We maintain full security of our team, and in no case will risk their well-being in regard with any unsafe location

Read the disclaimer properly. Contact our representatives in case of any suggestion or feedback.